Friday, October 7, 2011

Am I a Writer?

I asked myself this question yesterday.  It's very tough to answer.

Yes, I've been writing ever since I learned how to write.

Yes, I strive to increase my vocabulary daily and gain understanding of how people communicate.

No, none of my writings have ever been published by anyone else other than me.
*Note:  That's kind of a lie.  A poem of mine was selected to be published in one of those compilation books the company printing it suckers you into buying.
Let's ask myself again:  Tony, are you a writer?

Well, yes I am.  I've been blogging and songwriting for 10+ years now.

Well, no I'm not.  Although I have dreams and aspirations of becoming a published/signed singer/songwriter, I don't consider myself a writer until I get a paycheck for something I wrote.

On that note, I'm more of a Graphics Designer than I am a writer.  Hmmm... that's nothing to cry about.

Keep it up, Crucial.... and next time, please cry silent like your site tells you to (but I needed to write something to feel I've accomplished 'writing')

R.I.P. Steve Jobs ( i will forever thank you for marketing the iPod so proudly )

Go Lions!  Go Tigers!  Detroit's about to destroy those Bears on Sunday MONDAY!
I don't know shit about sports, and apparently there's football on Mondays)

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